How to get intention of candidates who have multiple offers

 Closing a Candidate with Multiple Offers

“Thank you, but can I have a few days to think about the offer?”

“I’m currently looking at a few other offers at the moment, I’ll get back to you by Wednesday”

Or our personal favorite! A candidate accepting the offer but then calling you back to say they’ve accepted another offer elsewhere!

Sound familiar?

We’ve all faced the pain of losing a promising candidate to another employer. But to be fair, if your candidate is receiving other offers, their skill-set and expertise are definitely validated. So, how do you close a perfect candidate that has multiple offers?

Well here are 4 tips to help you secure and hire any candidate:

  1. Always Be Closing!

‘Closing’ a candidate is normally associated with the final stage of the interview process when an offer is made. But is this really where closing should begin? We would argue that closing should begin the first time you meet them and you’ll soon understand why.

Firstly, what do we be mean by closing? Well for starters, we don’t mean offer them the position right away – but rather selling them the brand. How? Brand your company as the employer brand of choice! From the moment a candidate lands on your job ad and career site they are evaluating your brand so make sure that it is beautifully presented to be their brand of choice.

At every stage, always reiterate the value of working at the company, the benefits, the potential to grow and so on. Even if you aren’t completely sure that you want to hire them just yet, continue to close them throughout the process of hiring. When you do eventually present them with your offer, this puts you on top of their list of offers as they thoroughly understand the value and benefits that your company has to offer.

  1. Communication Is Key

Open and honest communication during every stage of the hiring process is another key to closing a candidate. This helps the candidate feel like they will be supported when they begin their role. Make sure you are always ready to answer questions every step of the way. Speedily answering questions allows the candidate to feel secure about any insecurities that they have about the job.

A well developed Applicant Tracking System will allow you to easily stay in communication with your candidate during the interviewing process. Many recruitment software platforms have the functionality of automated personalized email responses and easy interview set up so make sure you’re current ATS has this functionality too.

  1. The Candidate Experience

A smooth and enjoyable candidate experience plays a crucial role in the candidate journey. Put yourself in the shoes of a candidate. Is their interviewing and onboarding experience smooth and easy? How easy is your application process across different devices e.g. mobile? Does it meet all their needs? Do you have a smooth interview and on-boarding process set up? Think about it – If a candidate got offered 2 similar roles; one with a smooth paperless onboarding process and another that requires them to print, scan and upload a bunch of paperwork…… Which option do you think

  1. Re-visit Your Hiring Process

Revisit your hiring process – do you really need a 3 step interview process? Or can you gather all the information you need from just 1? A short hiring process decreases the potential of losing your candidate to other employers. Just remember that while you’re taking the time to slowly and carefully consider the qualities of each candidate – they are considering offers from others too. Schedule initial and final interviews close together and as always keep in constant communication with your candidate during this hiring process.

Losing candidates can be painful when you consider the time spent managing, interviewing and analyzing potential candidates. So along with the tips above, make sure your ATS offers easy personalized communication and your recruitment platform offers paperless on-boarding!

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How RPO can grow your Recruitment Business


Recruitment process outsourcing is still new for a lot of companies. Some may not realize that there are options in how to outsource or to improve their recruiting process, while others may stick with other solutions because that’s the way it’s always done and that’s the way the boss likes to do things. However, if you’re serious about RPO and really want to know what it could do for your organization, then here are the six awesome benefits of RPO.

  1. Reduced Recruiting Costs

This is one of the top reasons why organizations choose an RPO solution, and it’s also one of the biggest benefits of RPO. Many companies spend a lot of money on headhunters and job boards or waste a lot of money through high turnover rates. With other companies, time is simply wasted in lengthy hiring processes or outdated (or a lack of) technology. An RPO provider can reduce recruiting costs by streamlining your recruiting process and showing you how to find good candidates better and with less time and money.

  1. Scalable Recruiting Capacity

Christmas season is here, and many employers during this time go on a hiring spree for seasonal employees. If that’s you, then an awesome benefit of RPO is having a recruiting process in place that can scale up for the Christmas season, and then scale back down at the beginning of the next year. RPO is also great for companies that are growing rapidly, that may need extra help in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

  1. A Consistent and Predictable Recruit-to-Hire Process 

Candidates don’t like it if they don’t know where they stand in the recruiting process, or if they don’t know what’s happening or what’s supposed to happen next. This problem could also plague companies who have multiple entities or multiple departments, where each one could have their own hiring process. RPO can help get everything together and make the recruit-to-hire process consistent and predictable for both parties and across the entire organization. This makes it easier to know what’s going on and what everyone is doing to when recruiting or hiring someone.

  1. Increased Candidate Quality

Hiring managers know that a great candidate is much more than a combination of experience and education, but also includes personality and previous accomplishments. Hiring managers who are pressed for time to fill a position, or have a ton of candidates to go through, may not necessarily take a look at the qualities that determine whether or not the new hire will stick with the position. An RPO solution can get into those qualities while still looking for candidates who have the needed experience and education.

  1. Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction 

The increased hiring manager satisfaction comes from many aspects of RPO. Hiring managers now have better away to assess the success of their efforts. Hiring managers now have more support from executives in the recruiting process. Hiring managers now aren’t stretched so thin and are better able to do their jobs. With the help and partnership of an RPO provider, hiring managers will be more satisfied with what’s accomplished and how candidates are recruited and brought into the company.

  1. Enhanced Employment Brand

The employment brand is essentially the identity of the company as an employer, and when every other aspect of the recruiting process is in place and doing well, the employment brand improves. If your candidate quality improves, that only looks good to other potential candidates for your organization. If your hiring managers are satisfied and are working in a consistent recruit-to-hire process, then people who go through that process will only have good things to say about it and your company as an employer. Overall, RPO helps the company in many more ways than just cutting recruiting costs or filling positions faster. RPO can actually help a business become a better place to work.

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What mars outsourcing is doing?

Mars Outsourcing is a recruitment process outsourcing company serving the recruitment industry.

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Our vision is for a recruitment industry where recruiters are not administrators, but talented professionals supported by advanced technology, and where recruiters are managers of relationships who genuinely improve the economy and people’s lives by matching right people to right jobs.

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